Pack for Japan

Well getting ready for a new adventure. I’m coming back to Japan.

45kg of stuffs...

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Cleaning the praying altar

Today is the first day of the month in Chinese Lunar colander. We call it 初一 (chuyi).
My mom always ask me to clean and tidy up the altar table and buy some fruits for prayer.
Without fail, I never do it. Frankly speaking, I don’t like to mess up my family’s family altar. Everything looks so fragile and my carelessness is well known in my family.
Plus chuyi hardly falls on weekends so I never bother to wake up earlier and get it done before I go to work.

Why today?

Today is a public holiday for the state of Penang. I reluctantly started wiping the altar, refilling the water, bathing the goddess of mercy (guan-in-ma) and so on.
The dust has accumulated an inch thick. I feel so sorry for guan-in-ma.
While i was cleaning the altar, ironically, I felt unusual sense of calmness in me.
I could hear the birds chirping, the breeze, and the sound from the nearby hill forest and even my own heartbeat. It’s been a while since I could really sit down and listen to my surroundings.

I must do this more often.

After cleaning, I put some fruits and completed the prayer ritual. Well that was how I kick start my peaceful Monday. GOOD MONDAY!


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My grandma is 80 years old.

My grandma is 80 years old today.
Time flies. I couldn’t believe it but I’m glad that she is healthy.

My grandma took care of my brothers and I when we were young.
She has been playing a motherly role since both my parents are the breadwinner of the family.
She prepared us for school, made sure we are well fed and well behaved.
We were very mischievous and well known ‘monkeys’ in our family.
Only with her iron fist and loudspeaker voice we were under control.

Now my grandma stays with my uncle.
I’m happy that she is now worry free.
Happy birthday Ah Ma!


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Watermelon in a bowl

I came back to KL for an important interview on this coming Monday.
Decided to spend some quality weekend with mom.
The weather is pretty hot but at least the haze problem is much better now.
My mom rewarded me with a half of the watermelon.
I call this watermelon in a bowl.
I got to enjoy the icy cold watermelon to the max without worrying that the juice will drip all over the place and the best part was, I get to enjoy drink watermelon juice when I finished the flesh.
My mom is brilliant isn’t she?


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Stumbled upon a wall mural.

Stumbled upon this life-like wall mural when we were driving towards our dining place. It’s located in Kintan lane. New hotels and bicycle rental are mushrooming here too. Had our short break after a day’s hectic work. Well this is what I like about Penang.



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Shiritori game in ESL class


Shiritori is a Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final kana of the previous word. I’ve modified this into English version where the word is determined by the last alphabet of the previous word. For example: ape, elephant, tiger, rabbit.

This is a good way to revise on the topics that have been taught or simple a fun game to play as a reward for their good work.

The children had a lot of fun playing it. This one is produced by my S4 students in the beginner’s class. 1 point is given to each correct picture and additional 1 point for each correct spelling.

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Very handy indeed!

Very handy indeed!

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