Reaching new benchmark – 80lbs.

Today I challenged myself to set 80lb as the weight to carry. Well surprisingly I made it through hahaha… Would be expecting some sore muscles tomorrow but it is the fruit of my labour! time to pack some proteins for muscles recovery.

It was my PULL day where the focus was ONLY on the back, shoulders, and biceps. Did the following routine. Deadlifts, lateral pull down, shrugs, rows, back ‘sit-up’, preach curls, and finish off with shrugs again.


If you are a skinny guy with super high metabolism like I used to be (50kg when I was a fresh graduate). You could follow some of the guide that I’m using now here.

P/s: If you decide to get Kyle Leon’s programme, he will pay me some sort of commission however you can be certain that I only recommend the products that I consider ESSENTIAL to create the best results in you.


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